Tehachapi Torah Discovery Center

20681 West Valley Blvd.

Tehachapi CA. 93561

Phone: 661-221-8588

E-Mail: torahdiscovery@aol.com

Schedule: (If not a regular participant please RSVP)

Shabbos and Yom Tov start times:
Mincha and Maariv confirm prior as vary.

Shabbos and Yom Tov Shacharis and Musaf services: 10:00 AM

Sundays and other non school days:

9:00 AM  Shacharis Service 

10:00 AM Daf Yomi

11:00 AM Weekly Parsha Preview, Torah study group.

12:30 PM Monthly special topic presentation and discussion. For example for presidents day it was - Judaism in Colonial America, Default topic: The RCCF Chronology of ancient civilizations.

Monday - Friday
TUSD school days

7:00 AM Shacharis service

8:00 AM Daf Yomi

10:00 AM Torah Discovery college, Torah and Science classes, registration required.

OU.ORG calendar  also see Zmanim link at Torah Community for the appropriate times to recite the Shmah Yisroel..

Tehachapi Torah Discovery Center:

A regional Jewish prayer and Torah education center.

Conducted in line with OU, Young Israel, Torah Umesorah, Carlebach, and or Agudah.. type practice and Halachic guidelines, taking into account the unique community, and backgrounds of the participants, so all who attend should feel welcome and be able to grow.
Suited for families, individuals and existing Torah organizations.

Healthy, Serene, Affordable

Relax, Recharge, Learn More.

Pictures 4100 (2400 finished + 1700 covered) SF facility.
Beis Medrash, Youth Groups, Classes, Davening, Discovery Center.

Summer, Vacation or Year round.


'Twice the Home for Half the Money'

Walk to shul.
Great locations/views.

Nice Houses from $250k.

Condos or Co-ops from 100k.
Buildable Lots from $50k

Lease from: Apartments $650, Houses $1250.

Golden Hills, Oak Knolls, Country Oaks, ..

Old Town Tehachapi, Tehachapi CA. 93561,

90 miles/minutes from route 14 turn at route 5, just north of Los Angeles.

Healthy and Serene:

Points of interest:

Mountain, water and or meadow views, ideal for Shabbos walks.

Serene, fresh mountain air and spacious lots are great for raising children while preparing for Aliya.

Tehachapi Mountain mixed conifer forests and Brite lake are just a few miles distance.

Amidst variety old growth oak trees. Co founded a century ago by Jewish pioneer Isadore Asher OBM amongst others.

Home school, Lemudei Kodesh, On-line degree, and other Co-op options.

Learning, parks, recreation, and some employment nearby. Ideal for work at home, fixed income, health and wealth preservation.

Nearby activities: Learning, bicycle on road and or mountain biking, chess, art, music, judo, karate, science, gymnastics, basketball, softball, soccer, aviation, birding, hiking, equestrian, scouting and more.

The large Jewish population between Palmdale and Bakersfield will be drawn to a daily minyan and other benefits of a regular Torah community.

Glatt Kosher delivered to your door:

'Shalom Chaverim! Our Mystical Sources teach us that the food we eat affects our soul as well as our body. In order to foster the spiritual health of the Jewish People, HKBH (the Holy One, Blessed-Be-He) designated certain animals, birds and fish as kosher, and others as unfit for a Jew to eat. Wines not made under Jewish supervision are forbidden, as are processed foods containing mixtures of meat and dairy or their derivatives (cheese started with rennet is a prime example!). As we all know, meat and poultry must have been slaughtered in the prescribed manner, and approved as free of diseases after expert examination. Grains and vegetables that have not been checked and washed free of insects and worms are also forbidden. The reasons for all this may be learned by attending our Sunday Parsha Class, where you can also learn how to identify kosher products in the supermarket. Please .. (memo for more information).
To better serve the Kashrus needs of Jewish Tehachapi, PLONY EXPRESS is now taking orders for KOSHER FOOD delivery--meats, fish, dairy, bakery and wines. Orders will be brought from Los Angeles, and will be delivered, BS"D, not later than Erev Shabbos (Friday) before noon. Mark-up is 10% over cost. Orders should be placed by phone or email, no later than Tuesday noon, if possible, and if not, by Wednesday evening at the latest. All meats, fish, dairy and frozen products will be packed in ice to ensure they arrive fresh. PLONY EXPRESS also delivers Seforim, Mezuzos, and other Judaica, as well as sundry other items, and will perform other errands on a case-by-case basis.
May it be b'Sha'ah Tovah! Thank you for your support! Gut Shabbos, and Gut'n Chodesh..! Plony ben Plony Tel.  661.822.3438 cell: 323-717.9967  orders@plonyexpress.com '

Other sources: Aviglatt.com, Kosherwine.com, Co-op, in LA - Cambridge Farms on Burbank Blvd., Some items closer by at Trader Joe's..

Recent learning and programs:

Weekly Parsha preview.

Torah and Science reconciled! Home of the The Recent Complex Creation framework (RCCF), 'The Recent Complex Creation' torah narrative and 'The Pearlman Spiral Cosmolgy Model'. Ancient civilization chronology reconciled with the torah time line.

Maimonides 13 Principals of Jewish Faith. The' Kabbalist Hagadah', 'Mei HaShiloach' by R' Mordechai Yosef Lainer of Izbicy, and Sacred Fire, SeferTomer Devorah by Moses Cordovero. . study on line at The Open Yeshiva of Reb Hershy.

High Holiday preview Yom Kippur & Rosh Hashanah services. Simchat Beis Hashoeva Sukkah concert & party. Annual Chanukah lighting & party. T'U B'shevat celebration. Purim Megilla readings. Bar Mitzvah, Erev Pessach Minyan/Siyum. LaG B'Omer hikes & picnic. Steinsaltz Talmud Global Event. Exodus Numbers. Josephes 'Against Apion' . Birchat Hachama .Edenics the Science of the Language of Eden 'Origins of the Speeches' etymology by I. Mozeson, Daf/Mishna/Halacha/NaCh Yomi see ou.org. Mishnayos/Talmud Brachos, Halacha Maaser Kesafim by Cyril Domb, Kitzur Shulchan Aruch, Rambam Mishnah Torah, 'Purim in the Persian Empire' by Y. Landy, 'Legacy of Sinai' by Z. Fendel.. 'Not by Chance' and 'Evolution Revolution' by Dr. Lee Spetner.

Hassidic Rabbi Yaacov Yisroel on the Nesivos Sholom study on line.

Why a Torah observant congregation when many are from other backgrounds? Having a congregation guided by strict adherence to Halacha is the most inclusive.

Hashem wanted to give us merit so he gave the Children of Israel Torah full of Mitzvot (Mishna Makos on Isaiah 42:21). We will observe the Mitzvot till the end of time (Ezekiel 37:24).

Jewish Tehachapi a New Torah Community

Tehachapi Torah Center Mission Statement

Tehachapi Discovery Center

Torah and Science reconciled! Home of the 'RCCF framework for understanding science in full context' and the 'Pearlman Spiral' cosmology model.

'Learn More'

Contact: Roger M. at: torahdiscovery@aol.com

Phone: 661-221-8588

Tehachapi Torah Discovery Center

20681 W. Valley Blvd.
Tehachapi CA. 93561

Spring 5775

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Thomas W. (Teviah Velvel b. Yitzchak) and Miriam (b. Akiva Vogel) Pearlman

Izzy (Zelig Ben Yoseph) Asher

Geoff Braslow

Toby (Tuviah) Gross

Meir Ruchman

Brian Philip Wolfe


Classes $5 suggested contribution.